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  1. Wieczorek M, Zub K, Szafrańska PA, Książek A, Konarzewski M. 2015. Plant-herbivore interactions: silicon concentration in tussock sedges and population dynamics of root voles. Functional Ecology 29: 187-194. Link DOI: doi:10.1111/1365-2435.12327
  2. Bahrndorff S, Loeschcke V, Pertoldi C, . Beier C, Holmstrup M. 2009. The rapid cold hardening response of Collembola is influenced by thermal variability of the habitat. Functional Ecology
  3. Szafrańska PA, Zub K, Konarzewski M. 2007. Long-term repeatability of body mass and resting metabolic rate in free-leaving weasels, Mustela nivalis. Functional Ecology 21: 731-737.
  4. Chang ER, Zozaya EL, Kuijper DPJ, Bakker JP. 2005. Seed dispersal by small herbivores and tidal water: are they important filters in the assembly of salt-marsh communities? Functional Ecology 19: 665-673.


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