Zdzisław Pucek (1930-2007)

Zdzisław Pucek


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The main fields of research of Z. Pucek were biomorphology of mammals (especially seasonal and age changes in shrews, postnatal development of rodents), ecology of rodents and ungulates (population dynamics, methods of estimating numbers), fauna and protection of mammals (faunistic and taxonomic reviews of selected species and mammal fauna of Poland, atlases of distribution and keys, red data books), and conservation strategy of the European bison. Prof. Z. Pucek was the author, co-author and editor of 6 scientific books, 20 book chapters, and 210 papers and articles. He supervised MSc theses of 15 Polish students, PhD theses of 23 Polish students and one Spanish student. Lecturing mammalogy at Lublin (1967-70) and Białystok (1979-80) Universities. Organizer and teacher at summer courses in mammalogy (1954-75).

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